Seizure and the last breathe

It was 3.15 in the morning when after the girl had slept i waited for the clock to tick by and struck at 3.17 am. to do my work, and ‘tick.. tick.. tick’..

this is one of those times when it is very easy for me to do my work, when the soul is sleeping and unconscious to realise its the end of this life and the start of another.

I could see the girls mother running towards the doctor sitting behind the counter, tired and withered from all the kindness and help she does day and night, just so that she makes a human life better to survive. The tiredness was visible in her eyes, but as she saw the girls mother running towards her she stood up straight and asked her what was wrong, to which the mother replied, ‘my girl is having bad seizures!’

As the doctor came to examine the girl , i was only seconds away from doing my work, tick, tick, tick.

Dr khait ul abyad ,is everything alright? was what another doctor exclaimed as she ran to get anti-seizure drug.

‘This is going to be brief and painless i promise, you are only seconds away from leaving this cruel world and stepping into the next, where it will be all happy, the golden light and soft melody, the loving humans and no negativity.’ I said this to the girl as she opened her eyes for a brief second and i took her soul out of the body which was left motionless on the hospital stretcher.

That is when the doctor checked the carotid and the pupil, although she knew the girl had left, and for a mere second i think she glanced at me and those eyes said. ‘ We will meet again!’

Rabies on a Monday midnight.

Soft painful barking of a puppy was what i could hear from a distance as i was busy watching my favourite tv show at on Monday 27th January. This bark was what i waited for since the last 5 days because this cute little pup used to come up till my door and bark so that i come outside and give him food , thrice a day was i doing this, but this time it was a painful bark, as i ran outside to look for him , i saw him stuck on the spike railing above my door.

It was a very painful yet shocking site , i ran to wake my brother up, he took him out and brought him inside. At that moment all i could see was his pain and bleeding and his soft murmurs, i just could not see his pain, my hands and feet went cold, a whole stream of tears were running down my cheeks and with trembling hands did i tried to pet him. It was after 5 minutes that I realised its not too late and i can and will save him.

I ran and got the first aid box , took out pyodine gauze and bandages, while he was still in pain i cleaned his wound site and tightly wrapped around his tummy bandage and cotton, i could see his liver sprouting out of the deep wound. With trembling hands did i kept warm blankets around him. With a syringe i gave him brufen to relieve his pain and ORS and water to replace the fluid he had lost. At that point i felt he was better, but i was not.

After the first aid

The emotional ride which i went through for the next 48 hours need a whole other blog for it, to cut it short i called every possible vet at that point and asked for help, only 2 responded to which they agreed on coming the next morning , which meant 4 more hours to wait, every minute was critical for him and so it was 9 in the morning when a vet showed up and stitched his wound ,and now i could sleep and eat.

The next 4 days went by taking care of the pup i had to get him restitched again the next day and follow up with antibiotics, but i was worried for him as the wound was very deep and he needed proper veterinary care for the next 20 day.

I posted at every social networking site for help and then a fine girl responded and told me about Animal Care Foundation. I quickly called and messaged them at messenger and they responded back and asked me the details of the puppy, they assured me to pick him up the next day. I was relieved yet a bit happy that he will get proper care and attention, though i was not sure to give him away because of the mere attachment with him.

They picked him up after a day, and i could not say him goodbye because i was not available. I will not lie but i did shed tears again, but i was worried and wanted to follow him up. The next day i got to know that he was being taken care of very efficiently. He was cleaned and restitched.

This is before giving him bandaid again at ACF

So the next 4 days passed by and he improved. Still he is healing and i hope and ask you to pray for his healing aswell.

I am highly grateful to ACF and team for coming up and giving him right aid and attention, they are a blessing in karachi to give proper aid to hundreds of animals who were either kicked out of homes, brutally treated or harshly hurt and not attended to.

I love this pup, his improved condition made my day.

The soul purpose for this blog is for the awareness of the Animal Care foundation located in malir, they give shelter to poorly treated animals, be it blind,deaf, paralysed etc. Please follow them and call them when any animal is in pain and needs help, and with that you should donate as much as even 500 rupees, please do your part and help them give shelter to more animals who are orphaned and kicked out of houses, thrown pebbles at and stepped onto, crushed under cars by inhumane people, who should be hanged for being so evil.

I am so looking forward to meet the little pup, who was named ‘rabies’ by my younger sister, i would prefer ‘bruno’ after a sweet puppy i know and adore.


For international donors


‘Peace’ this word has got a lot of contextual windows to it. As soon as i entered the city of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), i knew what peace was for me ‘soft freedom from disturbing world’.

I have traveled a number of places in Pakistan, but luckily i would say, my first international flight was to Madinah, Saudi Arabia, where i said my first Salam to Prophet Mohammad (SAW) on 30th November 2019

Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International
Airport, Madinah. Inside view

The airport as compared to karachi is not at all welcoming or extravagant and not to forget if you do not know Arabic even a tiny bit then the fun starts from the airport.

Just before i stepped into the arrival lounge, i saw a queue of people waiting to be greeted by the not so pleasant taste of polio drops. Everything was perfect until the Egyptian looking healthcare professional before giving me the drops pointed towards his liver and asked in a very questionable manner (which i assumed from the number of furrows appeared on his forehead) ‘هل انت حامل’ (hal ‘ant hamil) ? I was confused and restless at the same time so doctor brain responded ‘no i do not have any liver disease!’. He kept on pointing towards his liver and asked me the same question again with questionable eyes this time, and being a Pakistani ‘bhai maaf kardo theek thaak hun, pila do polio k katray’ and before i would have started my sign language for him to understand, my superwomen khala jaan came to the rescue with fits of laughter saying’ NO NO NO’ to which i had a wide joker smile to respond and look towards the Egyptian with furrows and that is when he asked ‘pregnant?’

Madinah airport from outside.

I would like to clear the misconception ,your salam from outside just in-front of the green tomb, is equivalent to saying it inside the masjid right in front of the roza mubarak of Prophet (SAW)

Infront of the ‘Sabz gumbat’ i said my salam near the wall, from myself and everyone who asked me too.

Zam zam water is available inside the masjid, outside tap water is not zam zam. Walked the whole masjid from all around and the easiest and most comfortable way is to bring socks and flip flops along with a small handbag to carry your slippers, because trust me my friend Masjid e Nabwi is beautifully designed , and all you would want is look at each corner of it.

So this was my first blog about the first few hours at night in Madinah, in my next blogs i will write about the travel essentials , on where and how to pray , the pillars inside the main masjid with the authentic links and pictures and the fun part, shopping in madinah 😊

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